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Do you recognise one of these?

An existing software offering or small electronic device that you already offer on the market is giving you a lot of reactions of users that don't understand the product. You need to set-up a help-desk to answer all the questions. Also sales are down.

You want to improve one of your products, but before you start redesign, you want to know if the proposed improvement is what users expect.

For a new device (device, software or website) you want to have th euser interface designed in a user centred and user friendly way. With the design, your specialists are provided with a solid basis for product development.

You have this revolutionairy idea and next to market research for price and market share you also want information about potential users and ther wishes and demands for this idea.

You want a couple of your employees to learn more abnout how to include users in product development, so that the whole proces bevomes more efficient.

Glacimonto helps!

User research
Product evaluation

Product evaluation

User interaction design

User research